Dick Collins Firetrails 50
October 9th, 2010
6:30 am


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Check out past menu at the: Firetrails Cafe
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USATF Ultra Grand Prix
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Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run Qualifying Times
Golden Hills Trail Marathon  
Held in conjunction with 50 mile run
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To Enter

Register online and pay with a credit card by using ultrasignup.com

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Winners of the 2010 PA/USATF Ultra Grand Prix are entitled to a 50% registration discount. If you were a winner, please email us at events@norcalultras.com for instructions regarding how to receive your discount. 

Start Time

The race will start at 6:30 am.  Please note that the first 30 minutes will be run, in the gray of dawn, before sunrise.  Flashlights are not required, as the first miles are run on pavement, and the footing is excellent.  Runners who would feel more comfortable using flashlights can drop them off at the Marciel Road aid station and they will be returned to the start.  Runners who feel they may need more than 13 hours are encouraged to take the early start option at 5:30 am. All runners must check-in between 5:30 am and 6:15 am on race day morning.  Runners, who are approved for the early start option, check-in between 5:15 and 5:25 am. 

Directions to the Start

From Dublin/Livermore take I-580 westbound towards Oakland, take the Strobridge Avenue exit.  Turn right on Strobridge, right on Castro Valley Boulevard, and left on Lake Chabot Road.  The Lake Chabot Marina is about two miles ahead on the right.  From San Jose take I-880 northbound towards Oakland.  Take I-238/Castro Valley(I-580) exit towards Stockton.  Merge onto I-238 south.  Take the Castro Valley Blvd/CA-238 exit towards Castro Valley Boulevard. Turn left on Castro Valley Blvd. Turn left on Lake Chabot Road.  The Lake Chabot Marina is about two miles ahead on the right.  [Alternate way from San Jose: take I-880 northbound towards Oakland.  Take I-238/Castro Valley(I-580) exit towards Stockton.  Merge onto I-238 south. Take I-580 west towards Oakland.  Take 150th Avenue/Fairmont Drive exit.  Turn right on Fairmont.  Fairmont Drive becomes Lake Chabot Road.]  From  Oakland/Berkeley take I-580 eastbound towards Hayward, take the 150th Avenue/Fairmont Drive exit.  Turn left onto 150th Ave, right onto Foothill Blvd, left onto Fairmont Drive. Fairmont Drive becomes Lake Chabot Road. The marina entrance will be to the left at the bottom of the hill (parking fee is $5). {note:  parking lot will open at 5 am}  

You can park for free on either side of Lake Chabot Road. Please be careful crossing Lake Chabot Road. The start is to the east of the Chabot Marina at the Cove Picnic Area & is approximately a 1/4 mile from Lake Chabot Road.    Detailed park map of Lake Chabot Marina & surrounding area.

Map to Start

View Start/Finish in a larger map

Course Description

Out-and-back course; mostly along the legendary East Bay Skyline National Trail; fireroads and single track with gorgeous views of San Francisco and Mt. Diablo.  Three miles of pavement.  7,800 feet of climb.  Be prepared for any condition.  Can be hot, perfect, or cold and raining.  In previous years race week has included the following: fire, earthquake, flood, and stock market crash.

Course Map

Race Map
Map designed by Dick Collins

Aid Stations: mileages & elevations

Aid stations will have water, GU 2 0 Hydration drink, Gu, Coke, Sprite, ice, fruit, homemade baked cookies, hard candy, potatoes, P.B. & J sandwiches, pretzels, Succeed Caps, crackers, potato chips, salt, wonderful volunteers, etc.   It is recommended that runners carry a water container during the race
 Aid Station Distance (overall) Distance
(between aid)
Elev + Elev -
 Marciel Road  3.2 3.2 620 150
 Bort Meadow 7.9 4.7 460 660
 Big Bear Gate 10.5 2.6 470 530
 Skyline Gate 15.0 4.5 900 230
 Sibley Park 18.4 3.4 610 495
 Steam Trains 21.7 3.3 730 465
 Lone Oak 26.0 4.3 320 1420
 Steam Trains 30.3 4.3 1420 320
 Sibley Park 33.6 3.3 465 730
 Skyline Gate 37.0 3.4 495 610
 Big Bear Gate 41.5 4.5 230 900

 Bort Meadows

44.1 2.6



 Bass Cove

47.0 2.9 230 590

 Lake Chabot 

50.0 3.00 210 290

Crew access is not available at Bass Cove.
Elevations total for race: (+)  7,800 &  (-) 7,800. 
[Elevation changes are approximate and determined using Topo software.] 

Altitude Profile

Altitude Profile

Map to Aid Stations

View Google Maps to aid stations.

Driving Directions to Aid Stations

Coming out of the parking lot at the Lake Chabot Marina, turn left, east, away from I-580. After six tenths of a mile turn left at a light onto Seven Hills Road.  Go one mile and then turn left onto Redwood Road.  Follow Redwood Road for about five and one half miles to Marciel Gate. Turn left at Marciel Gate onto Marciel Road. Proceed along Marciel Road for about one and one half miles.  The first aid-station, "Marciel Road" will be on your left.  If you see your runner off at the start it is hard to see them again at Marciel Road since it is a much longer drive than it is a run. The second aid station, Bort Meadows is a parking lot just left off of Redwood Road about a mile and a half beyond the turn for Marciel Road. Three miles farther up Redwood Road, also on the left is the MacDonald Gate parking lot.

Now continue up Redwood Road to a traffic light at the top of a hill and turn right onto Skyline Boulevard. After about seven tenths of a mile, Skyline Boulevard turns to the right and what looks like the continuation of the large street, which you are on, becomes Joaquin Miller Boulevard.  If you see the signs for the Woodminster Amphitheater on your right you've gone too far and should turn around and find where Skyline Boulevard turned without you.  Skyline boulevard now winds through the Oakland Hills and the next aid station is Skyline Gate, a large parking area on the right.  After Skyline Gate continue on Skyline Boulevard until you see Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, the next aid station, also on the right.

Leaving Sibley continue up hill on Skyline Boulevard a few hundred feet before turning right onto Grizzly Peak Boulevard.  Continue on Grizzly Peak, past the intersection with Claremont Avenue and Fish Ranch Road until you see the turn for the Steam Trains and the Grizzly Peak Stables on your right.  Turn right and then make a quick left.  Continue straight (past aid station on your right) for about 200 yards and park in the dirt lot on your left.  (Please do not park in paved lot across from the aid station as that is for steam train riders only.)

After Steam Trains, turn right onto Grizzly Peak again and continue, past houses on both sides until you see the Summit Reservoir on your left (about 4 miles).  Turn Right onto Wildcat Canyon Road and immediately, immediately, immediately left onto Canon.  Go down a steep hill on Canon and at the bottom turn right onto Central Park Road and then the first left toward the Lone Oak Area.  Lone Oak is the turn around so now stand on your head and follow these directions in reverse to get back to the start/finish at Lake Chabot.

Maps, to assist crews, will be mailed with race packets and will be available at the start. 

Drop Bags

Drop bags will be transported from the start to the turnaround at Lone Oak (mile 26).  Drop bags will not be returned to the finish until after the Lone Oak Aid-station closes (approx. 2 pm).  


Pacers will be allowed from Skyline Gate at mile 37.0 to the finish.

Cut Off Times

Cut-off time of 6:15 hours at Lone Oak (mile 26), 9:30 hours at Skyline (mile 37) and 11:45 hours at Bort Meadows (mile 44) will be applied. The finish line will close down at 7:30 pm. If you feel you may need more than 13 hours please consider the early 5:30 am start option.


If you have special medical conditions (asthma, allergic to bee stings, etc.) please take appropriate precautions.  Parts of the course are relatively inaccessible.  Neither the Race Management nor the East Bay Regional Park District can be liable for injuries.


Littering along the course will result in immediate disqualification.  Please dispose of ALL cups paper, wrappers, etc.  at the aid stations. 

Post Race BBQ

Bring the family & friends-they are all invited.  The "Firetrails Cafe" will be open at noon on race day.  Past menu's have included hamburgers,  cheese burgers, vegi burgers, turkey sausages, pasta salad, potato salad, vegetable pasta soup (vegan), black bean (vegan) soup and homemade desert items. 

Age Group Course Records



Age Group Name Age Time Year
  20-29 Chikara Omine   24 6:54:55 2006
  30-39 Carl Andersen  34 6:26:42 1994
  40-49 Dave Mackey 40 6:19:39 2010
  50-59 Frank Bozanich  58 7:48:49 2002
  60-69 Dwaine Batt  60 8:19:03 1995
  70+ Ray Piva   72 9:59:20 1998


Age Group Name Age Time Year
  20-29  Ann Trason  27 7:31:24 1987
  30-39 Sophia Lewis  39 7:51:24 2002
  40-49 Diana Fitzpatrick  46 7:45:54 2004
  50-59 Dianna Fitzpatrick  50 8:02:07 2009
  60-69 Eldrith Gosney  61 10:13:55 2002
  70+ Juliane Scheberies   72 12:07:52 2005

Overall Winners     

Male Female  
Year Name Time Name Time
1983 Patrick Shaughnessey  8:14:03 Carol LaPlant 10:31:02
1984 George Zimmerman 8:08:29 Carol LaPlant 8:59:07
1985 Bruce LaBelle 7:49:37 Judy Milgram 10:56:55
1986 Dan Williams 7:11:18 Judy Milgram 9:36:24
1987 Dan Williams 6:55:36 Ann Trason 7:31:24
1988 Tim Ball 7:05:54 Darlene Wallach 8:27:03
1989 Dave Scott 6:39:46 Mary Weiter 9:10:15
1990 Rudy Goldstein 7:24:54 Celeste Langan 9:19:59
1991 Carl Andersen 6:44:38 Melinda Creel 8:21:09
1992 Dow Mattingley 7:33:47 Jan Levet 8:56:40
1993 Jerry Wittenauer  6:59:14 Suzie Lister & Maryann Murphy  8:32:13
1994 Carl Andersen 6:26:42 Marge Dunlap 9:26:43
1995 Jerry Wittenauer 7:06:40 Suzie Lister 8:27:37
1996 Ken Gregorich 7:07:40 Suzie Lister 8:19:41
1997 Brian Purcell 7:04:37 Suzie Lister 8:14:16
1998 Jed Tukman 7:06:24 Suzie Lister 7:56:57
1999 Jed Tukman 7:21:44 Rena Schumann 8:55:26
2000 Scott St. John 7:02:14 Emma Davies 7:58:22
2001 Pierre Tardif 7:35:41 Helen Hull 8:52:22
2002 Kevin Sawchuck 7:04:33 Jenny Capel 7:48:06
2003 Dennis Rinde 6:52:39 Diana Fitzpatrick 8:19:56
2004 Tom Lyons 7:17:21 Diana Fitzpatrick 7:45:54
2005 Topher Gaylord 7:00:53 Denise Ellestad 8:05:18
2006 Chikara Omine 6:54:55 Caren Spore 7:55:24
2007 Victor Ballesteros 6:41:18 Caren Spore 7:53:36
2008 Hal Koerner 6:43:42 Darcie Gorman 8:16:05
2009 Dave Mackey 6:30:34 Rory Bosio 7:54:33
2010 Dave Mackey 6:19:39 Bree Lamert 8:04:06

Top Male & Female Performers


Name  Age Time Year   
Dave Mackey 40 6:19:39 2010
Chikara Omine 28 6:23:05 2010
Carl Andersen 34 6:26:42 1994
Victor Ballesteros 37 6:41:18 2007
Jeremy Redding 35 6:42:09 2007
Hal Koerner 32 6:43:42 2008
Gary Gelin 42 6:43:49 2010
Dennis Rinde 44 6:52:39 2003
Dan Williams 38 6:55:36  1987
Jerry Wittenauer 34 6:59:14 1993


Name  Age Time Year   
Ann Trason 28 7:31:24 1987
Diana Fitzpatrick 46 7:45:54 2004
Jenny Capel 29 7:48:06 2002
Sophia Lewis 39 7:51:24 2002
Caren Spore 39 7:53:36 2007
Rory Bosio 25 7:54:33 2009
Suzie Lister 32 7:56:57 1998
Emma Davies  36 7:58:22  2000
Bree Lamert 41 8:00:52 2009
Tera Dube 32 8:03:28 2004

Dick Collins Award Winners 


Name  Age Time Year   
Pierre Tardif 38 8:32:23 2000
Tim Fitzpatrick 40 8:29:52 2001
Glen Redpath 37 7:25:54 2002
Kieran Lal 32 8:26:35 2003
Jonathan Olsen 30 7:27:26 2004
Chikara Omine 23 7:04:00 2005
Jean Pommier 42 7:25:33 2006
Victor Ballesteros 37 6:41:18 2007
Max Shchemelinin 21 7:34:44 2008
Greg Kotzbauer 38 7:20:50 2009
Payam Saljoughan 23 7:33:06 2010


Name  Age Time Year   
Katie Owen 23 8:44:24 2000
Julie Nye 39 10:30:14 2001
Katy Klei 41 8:12:45 2002
Diana Fitzpatrick 45 8:19:56 2003
Lori Heinselman-Craig 37 9:13:42 2004
Sandy Cline 42 9:50:17 2005
Caren Spore 38 7:55:24 2006
Stephanie Kane 34 9:41:23 2007
Darcie Gorman 33 8:16:05 2008
Carloline Barichievich 37 8:37:42 2009
Katie Haldeman 28 8:11:41 2010

                                            Blue denotes "Rookie Record."

Finisher Awards

All entrants who finish under 13 hours receive a  short sleeve Race Ready Cool Max T-shirt, a finisher jacket & a commemorative 2 8TH  Edition Wine Glass.  We are proud to have our 2010 logos designed by Karen Hanke of PinkLime Design. We can not guarantee finisher awards for late & race day entrants. 

Overall & Age Group Awards

Age group awards will be given to the first three males & females in the following divisions: Open (under 30), Senior Open (30-39), Masters (40-49), Seniors (50-59), Super Seniors (60-69) and Veterans (70+).   Overall winners will receive special awards.

Dick Collins Award 

This award will be given to the first male and female to complete the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 as their first 50 miler.   Winners receive special awards in addition to a one year subscription to UltraRunning Magazine.   New for 2010:  Winners will receive a complementary entry to 2011 American River 50 & a $75 gift certificate to Zombie Runner

USATF Ultra Grand Prix      

This race is a championship event in the Pacific Association Ultra Grand Prix Series.  You do not need to be a member of the  Pacific Association of the USA Track & Field Association in order to participate, but you do have to be a member in order to qualify for Grand Prix points.

Accommodation Ideas

Hotel & Motels (all within 3 miles of start)

Comfort Suites~2419 Castro Valley Blvd ~ Castro Valley, CA 94546 
(510) 889-9300~$85.00 .  Ask for group rate
Castro Valley Inn~33954 E. Castro Valley Blvd.~ Castro Valley, CA 94552
(510) 538-5757~Starting at $60 if you mention Firetrails Run.
Quality Inn of Castro Valley ~ 2532 Castro Valley Boulevard ~ Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 538-9501~$85 if you mention Firetrails Run. 


Camping is available at the Chabot Family Campground (around six miles from the start). To reach the campground follow directions to the  Marceil Gate Road aid-station (first aid-station). The campground is located, past the aid-station location, at the end of Marceil Road. The camp has 75 trailer, tent, or walk-in campsites, hot showers, naturalist-led campfire programs, an amphitheater, and hiking/fishing access to Lake Chabot. Telephone (510) 562-2267 for camping information or reservations.


The Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco Airports serve the area. The Oakland Airport is the closest and is approximately 20 minutes from the start of the race.

Western States Endurance Run Qualifying Times

To qualify for the Western States Endurance Run the following minimum times must be met and certified by official race results or a results listing in Ultrarunning Magazine: a) 50 miles in under 11 hours, b) 100 kilometers in under 14 hours, c) completion of any OFFICIAL 100-mile trail race, d) completion of three 50-mile runs, completed within the cutoff times of those races, but in not more than 12 hours, and during the qualifying period. 

Golden Hills Trail Marathon

The Golden Hills Trail Marathon is held in conjunction with the Dick Collins Firetrails 50. The point-to-point marathon  starts at 9 am the Lone Oak picnic area in Berkeley’s Tilden Park (turn around for fifty mile run) and finishes 26.2 miles to the south at the Cove Picnic area at Lake Chabot.

Race Day Photos

Printroom will be taking race day photos.  Photographers will be along the course and at the finish.  Photographs will be available for purchase the week following the event.


We would love to have you run the race, but if that does not fit into your schedule, we REALLY need volunteers. Volunteering is a wonderful way to remember Dick, have fun hanging out with your friends or getting those WS volunteer hours. Volunteers receive special embroidered runners cap  and are invited to post race BBQ.

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